How can I contact Happy Paws Walks and Board?

Please contact us on 07786740905. If our lines are busy please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible (usually the same day).  Alternatively, you can email us at hpwalksandboard@gmail.com.

Are all dogs suitable for home boarding?

No. Our boarding/ day care service is only suitable for friendly, family pets. Your dog needs to be able to get along with other dogs and children. We have two young children, so cannot accept aggressive dogs. Our children are used to being around dogs and know when a dog doesn't want to play/ cuddle etc and know when to give a dog space. So, if your dog isn't a fan of children that's fine. But we just can't accept snappy and unpredictable dogs. As well as our dog Hollie, we also have two cats. Your dog doesn't necessarily need to get along with cats as ours spend a lot of time outdoors (their choice!). So, they can be kept apart.

We are happy to accommodate puppies as long as they are house trained. We accept all breeds as long as they are obedient and not destructive.We cannot accept incontinent dogs or dogs that chew furniture or other household items. We cannot accept unspayed bitches that are expected to be, or are, in season at the time of boarding.If you are unsure of your dog's suitability please give us a call on 07786740905 and we can discuss your dog's particular habit and tell you if we consider them to be suitable for boarding.

 Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. As your dog will come into contact with other dogs it should always have annual vaccinations to protect it from infections and disease. Your dog should also be wormed and treated for fleas before being boarded. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is free of fleas. If we find fleas present, we may treat your pet and you will need to reinburse us for any expenses incurred.

 What will I need to provide for my dog?

We will provide everything your dog needs for their stay apart from their food. You will need to bring enough of your dog(s) food for their stay. If your dog has special dietary or medical needs this is not a problem. Just let us know. If your dog eats fresh meat or fish that's fine too. You will need to cook this and portion it into freezer bags for us to defrost each day. It would be helpful if you could provide an instruction sheet explaining what food or medication should be given and when. You are encourraged bring your dog's bed and other familiar items but this is not essentail as we have these things here too.  If you crate your dog we are happy to continue with this but you will need to provide the crate. Lastly, if your dog wears a special collar or lead for walking you will need to bring this too. You are welcome to bring toys but the dogs often become possessive over them and they may need to be removed to avoid arguments!

My dog usually sleeps on my bed - will this be allowed?

No- simply because our dog will want to do it too and she's too big! Your dog will, however, be allowed on the sofa and can sleep in our bedroom with us on the floor in their own bed. Your dog will have access to all areas of our house and can choose to sleep in their favourite place.

Will my dog be allowed off the lead once at the park?

If we decide that your dog is suitable for off lead walking then yes, they will be allowed off lead. You will be required to sign a consent form for off lead walking for insurance purposes.

Will my dog be accommodated with other dogs?

Dog owners must be aware that their dog will be accomodated with other dogs. However, we insist on all owners visiting us with their dog prior to boarding to ensure that their dog is suitable for boarding. Therefore, you can rest assured that all dogs that may be here will be friendly, non-aggressive dogs.  We understand that all dogs need space from time-to time and we are able to section off areas for 'chilling out' if a dog needs to rest away from any other dogs.  Signed consent is required form each owner permitting their dog to be accomodated with other dogs.

Can I meet with you before the booking starts?

Yes, we insist that you come and visit us prior to boarding.  We need to ensure that your dog will get along with any other dogs that may be here. Often, it will just be our own dog, Hollie, that will be here. She is friendly with all dogs! We want to ensure that you are happy when you leave your dog with us. So, you can use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  During this visit we may ask you to leave your dog with us for 10-15 minutes so we can better assess how they get on with the other dogs. Often, dogs will be snappy and 'aggressive' when they arrive with their owner. This is quite natural but means we may not get a true idea of what your dog is like around other dogs. We find that once the owner has left there is a complete transformation! If this happens, we will be able to accept your dog.  However, if your dog doesn't mix well with the other dogs then I'm afraid we will not be able to board them. Please don't be offended - we want to ensure that your dog and any other boarders are happy when they stay with us and this won't be the case if there is lots of conflict. 

Does the time I leave or collect my dog affect the cost?

For overnight boarding your dog can be dropped off from 7am. You will need to collect your dog by 5pm on the day of departure. If collected after 5pm an hourly rate will apply (£3 per hour). The latest you can collect your dog is 9pm. If not collected by 9pm your dog will be boarded for another night at the usual rate.

For doggy day care- yes. The times of boarding are 9am - 4pm (ish - your dog will be collected between 9 and 10am and dropped off between 4 and 5pm). If you need to leave your dog for longer in day care there is a charge of £3 per extra hour outside of the usualy hours. For the longer day care service you will be required to drop off and collect your dog. Your dog will require lunch (if they eat lunch) and dinner. You need to provide all of your dog's usual meals for long-stay day care.

When is the fee paid for my booking?

The fee is made up of two parts. You pay a 50% (non-refundable) deposit to confirm your booking and guarantee the dates you have selected. This can be paid by BACS (bank transfer), cash or by cheque. If you decide you'd like your dog to stay with us, give us a call or email us with the dates you'd like and we'll let you know if they are available. Once we've agreed the date we can arrange a convenient time for you to come and visit us. If, after this meeting, you decide to book we can then give you our bank account details or paypal address so that you can pay the deposit.  The deposit is part of the payment and not in addition to it. The balance of the fee is due when we collect your dog or when you deliver your dog to us (or before) and is to be paid by cash.

Are there any extra charges?

In the event that damage is caused to our home, damages must be paid for when collecting your dog. We are very good at keeping valuable items off the floor and out of reach and it's very rarely that anything gets damaged.  Additional cleaning due to a dog not being house trained or incontinent or an unspayed bitch coming into season will incur additional charges. These charges will depend on the amount of soiling but will typically be £5 per day, payable on collection of your dog.

Can you collect my dog?

For overnight boarders if you live nearby we can collect and drop-off free of charge.  If you live over 3 miles away you will need to drop your dog off and collect too.

Collection and drop off is included in the 9-4 doggy day care.

What happens if my dog is ill when I am on holiday?

We have an emergency number to contact our vet at any time. If your dog becomes ill we will contact you on your emergency number at the first opportunity to discuss what has happened. If you require us to or we cannot get hold of you or we believe urgent medical attention is required, we will call our vet to discuss it's condition. If we think it's necessary, we will take your dog to the vet. The cost of treatment will be reclaimed upon your return.

What happens if I do not turn up for my booking?

If you do not turn up for your booking or give us less than 24 hours cancellation notice the total fee is due.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

If you give us more than 24 hours notice no fee will be due but you will lose your deposit.

What happens if I drop my dog off later than agreed?

There will be no extra cost or refund. Your slot has been reserved for the day.  If you anticipate arriving later we ask that you let us know of your later drop off time so that we can make sure we're available for your dog.

What happens if I collect my dog early?

If you return from your holiday early and decide to collect you dog before the due date- there is no refund of payment.